2018 Portland Cup Rules of Play

The 2018 Portland Cup Rules of Play will generally conform to the USA Softball (ASA) Rules of Softball, latest edition, except as noted.

Strike Count - Pitch Height

  • All batters will begin with a one (1) ball and one (1) strike count. One (1) courtesy foul shall be awarded after the second strike.
  • The pitch height shall be 6 ft. to 12 ft.

Lineups - Extra Players on Offense

  • Teams may include up to twenty (20) players in their batting lineup.
  • Each player included in the batting line-up, with the exception of players listed as substitutes, are considered a part of the line-up in which changing from 'extra-hitter' to an 'on-field defensive player' are not considered to be a substitute.
  • If a player included in the batting line-up is required to be removed from the batting line-up for any reason, including ejection or injury, and no substitute is available to replace that player, an out will be accessed when the vacant position comes up in the batting order.
  • Lineup cards must include players first name, last name, and jersey number.

Courtesy Runner Rule

  • Any eligible player on the official line-up including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner.
  • A courtesy runner may be used once per inning.

Beginning a Game Short-Handed

  • If a team begins a game short-handed (9-Players):
    • The vacant position shall be listed last in the batting order, but no out shall be recorded when the vacant position in the batting order is scheduled to bat
    • If an additional player arrives during the game the player may be inserted into the vacant spot in the lineup card at any time during the game, so long as the player is listed on the lineup card as a substitute.
    • No more than one player may be added during a game when a team begins the game short-handed.

Home Team

  • The home team for each game will be determined by a double flip of a coin by the umpire.
  • The official score book will be that of the home team.
  • Electronic score-keeping is deemed an acceptable score book format.

Length of Games

  • For all games, no new inning will begin after 55 minutes. A new inning will begin if time has not expired prior to the last out of the previous inning occurring prior to time expiring or the completion of 7-innings.
  • Game time is forfeit time. If games are behind schedule, game time will be as soon as the umpire starts the game clock. If a team is unable to field the minimum required number of players at game time, a forfeit shall be declared, and the game recorded as a 0-7 loss.

Run Ahead Rule

  • The run ahead rule will be in effect for all games; Twenty (20) runs after 3 innings, fifteen (15) runs after 4 innings, and ten (10) runs after 5 innings.

Pool Play Games

  • If the game is tied after time has expired or the completion of 7-innings, the game will be recorded as a tie.

Bracket Play Games

  • Bracket play will consist of a seeded double elimination format, with seeding based on the results of pool play games.
  • If the score is tied after the completion of 7-innings of play, or time has expired, the International tie-breaker rule shall be in effect.  At the beginning of each half-inning, the player scheduled to bat last shall be placed on 2nd base, and the game shall continue until the tie is broken.

Ties will be broken in the following order to determine bracket seeding:

  1. Head to Head Play
  2. Least runs allowed
  3. Most runs scored
  4. Coin flip


  • Teams are not required to have uniforms that are identical, including uniforms of similar color.
  • All players are required to wear a jersey with a whole number (0-99) on the back, which must be easily identified in manner similar to when providing a number of contrasting color that is at least 6-inches in height.
  • No players on the same team may wear identical numbers.
  • No metal cleats shall be worn by any player, manager, coach, or umpire.


  • All bats shall be USA Softball (ASA) approved and compliant. It will be at the discretion of the game umpire and tournament UIC to determine compliance.


  • Teams shall submit their team roster, including player ratings, using the "live" online spreadsheet provided to them. The form will be "locked" and not accept changes after July 23rd, 2018. Teams may add additional players to their roster after July 23rd, 2018 with Portland Cup Tournament Director approval.
  • All participants must be 18-years of age or older prior to July 28th, 2018.
  • All players and non-players must register prior to taking the field by signing their team's official Portland Cup Roster, and must do so prior to taking the field.
  • Any team found to have a player or non-player who has not signed their team's roster will be subject to forfeiture of the game in which that player or non-player participated.
  • No player shall be included on more than one team roster.
  • Team rosters are limited to twenty (20) playing members.
  • Team Rosters shall include a rating for every player per the NAGAAA Governing Manual, current edition. Team rating totals will be calculated using the NAGAAA Governing Manual format. Players having a rating within the NAGAAA database from the 2018 season shall use that rating (most current) unless specifically allowed otherwise by the Portland Cup Tournament Director.
  • Non-Players, such as coaches or scorekeepers, must be included on the team roster for them to be allowed on the field or in the team dugout. Non-players are not required to have a player rating, nor will they be counted towards the maximum number of players allowed on a roster. 

2018 Portland Cup Tournament Divisions Thresholds

Max Team Rating

Max Player Rating

Max Out-of-Park Home Runs

C Division




D Division




  • Once a team has reached their maximum of Out-of-Park Home Runs, any additional Out-of-Park Home Runs will result in a dead ball out.
  • Following an over-the-fence home run, the 'hit and sit' rule is in effect. The batter-runner and any runner on base in not required to advance.

Code of Conduct

  • All participants shall adhere to the Portland Cup Rules, as well as the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Penalties in addition to automatic penalties are at the sole discretion of the Portland Cup Tournament Director, or designated appointee, the decision of which shall be final. 


Rule Interpretation Protests

  • Rule interpretation protests are required to be filed with the home plate umpire at the time the ruling comes into question, and must be made;
    • Before the next pitch legal or illegal
    • Before the next play
    • Before all infielders have left fair territory,
    • On the last play of the game, before the umpires leave live ball territory
  • Rule interpretations protests may be filed verbally
  • Protests of umpire judgment are not allowed (USA Softball, Rule 9, Section 2)
  • No fee is required to file a rule interpretation protest
  • Once a rule interpretation protest is filed, the game clock will be paused, and the protest resolved before the game continues.
  • The Umpire in Chief and Tournament Director, or their designated appointee, shall resolve all rule interpretation protests, the decision of which shall be final.

Special Situations

  • The Portland Cup Tournament Director, or designated appointee, shall be the final arbitrator of any and all matters, the decision of which shall be final.

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