2019 Portland Cup Teams

The following is a preliminary list of 2019 Portland Cup Teams.

There are more teams than listed below that have signed up, and/or expressed interest, however the list below only reflects those teams that are 100-percent confirmed. We will be adding more teams to the list in the near future.


  • Portland Grizzlies
  • Portland Growlers
  • Portland Pitch Slap
  • Portland Redwings
  • Seattle Wildfire
  • Seattle Woodpeckers


  • Portland Apple Bottoms
  • Portland Bears
  • Portland Bella Boys
  • Portland Emojis
  • Portland Martinis
  • Portland Narwhals
  • Portland Unicorns
  • Seattle Sasssquatch
  • Seattle Badgers
  • Seattle Revolution
  • Seattle Sinners
  • Vancouver Bat Attitude
  • Vancouver Brewjays

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